Heart and Lotus is a big hearted, creative company dedicated to cultivating JOY. We offer beautiful, wearable ways to EXPAND your HAPPINESS and SHARE it with others.

Happiness is everybody's true nature.

And it’s our passion.

Our own approaches to happiness – yoga, meditation, positive affirmations and gratitude – inspire our uniquely meaningful ringsnecklaces and bracelets. Heart and Lotus collections reflect our core belief in the pure – and unlimited – potential for joy.  
We’ve been creating thoughtful, high quality jewelry for over 15 years. All our pieces are designed in our home studio near beautiful Vancouver, B.C. Canada, and meticulously crafted with uplifting words, meaningful symbols and semi-precious stones. To be reminders of peace. Abundance. Encouragement. And inspirations for a more blissful, fulfilled life.
All the good stuff.
It’s what we wish for you.
With gratitude,
Kim Maxwell - Green
~ choose happiness ~